Data Conversion

Data conversion is the process of changing data from one format to another, or migrating data to and from various formats. Conversion is used to change data to the correct format to work with the system and software specified by the customer, or to convert data from an original application format to a more accessible form . The process of Media Conversion varies according to the situation. Different conversion methods are utilized according to cost and data accuracy.

We perform SGML / XML Conversion of digital content, books, magazines, etc,. Our range of expertise covers areas like, high-volume and mark-up to XML, SGML & HTML. We have the expertise to carry out conversion projects involving every kind of information, like, scientific, legal, etc,. You can outsource your input in any format and we will convert them into XML, SGML, HTML and PDF, based on your requirements.

Our range of expertise includes:

We can work from:

. Data entry from written text, i.e., books, papers, etc,. * Data entry of e-books
. E-publishing through data entry
. Data capturing and collection
. Indexing of data using cut, copy, and paste, editing and sorting functions.
. Data entry from image files into any other format
. Data entry of specific functional areas like sales/ payroll.
. Data entry for preparation of mailing lists
. Conversion from page maker to pdf format
. Conversion from MS word to html format
. Conversion of data in specified MS Office formats.

Data Entry

We can undertake any of your back office service tasks with assured security, quality and reliability.

By entrusting Alphaa Systems with all their back office tasks, companies have found key benefits as up to 50% cost savings and a considerable increase in productivity

• Strategic Data Entry into Software Program and application
• Data Entry of Prospect into ACT2000 and ASAP.
• Catalog Data Entry.
• Data Entry for Mailing List/Mailing Label
• Manuscript typing in to word
• Taped Transcription in to word.
• Copy, Paste, Editing, sorting, Indexing Data in to any format.
• Different type of Data Conversion
• Data entry from paper/Books with high accuracy and speed
• Data entry from Image files in any format
• Business Transaction Data entry like sales / purchase / payroll.
• Data entry of E-Books
• Data Entry - Yellow Pages and White Pages Keying
• Data Entry and compilation from Web site
• Data Capture / Collection
• Business Card Data Entry into any Format
• Data Entry from hardcopy/Printed Material into Ms Office

Processing of Claims:
A business rules-driven service to support the approval or denial process for insurance claims, Claims Processing integrates document management and automated workflow capabilities to account for routing, exceptions, correspondence and escalation of claims. Additional followup with applicants and supplementary input via e-mail, fax or white mail may also be incorporated into our solution.

Reconciliation of Bill :

Billing items are scanned, indexed, routed and verified to support the matching and review of these items to ensure conformity with a primary source. Automated responses and integration with the client's accounting system complete the solution.

Processing the Contract details:
Paper-based contracts are digitized, indexed, and routed, with a workflow that supports the vetting of legally binding materials. Contract processing also offers electronic signature support.

Contract Administration:

Signed customer contracts are scanned and routed to agents that perform electronic account creation, maintenance, updating, inquiries and account closure as the contract is fulfilled.

Document Management/Imaging:
Alphaa Systems
image and index paper or electronic documents, and facilitate document storage and retrieval allowing for searching and viewing the documents.

Processing of Customer Correspondence:
Whatever the customer's choice – e-mail, white mail, fax or other form of correspondence, the Alphaa Systems  solution facilitates a timely response to the customer inquiry, inclusive of automated workflow, case management and routing and escalation capabilities.

Enrollment Processing:

Alphaa Systems digitize and process paper-based applications and enrollments. We image and scan enrollment documents, index them and route them to process owners. Missing information is updated and the client is alerted to any exceptions or escalation. Enrollments are entered into the client's systems, and automated responses are issued.

Entering the data manually:
Data Entry includes any manual process requiring data to be entered into a computer-based form. It involves indexing of source documents and routing to the appropriate person for input into downstream systems. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Image Character Recognition (ICR) may be incorporated to deliver additional value to the client.

Alphaa Systems respond to customer requests for products, printed materials, or other items and interface with client processes to initiate delivery to the customer.

Broadly, our back office services are categorized as:

• New Business Services *Content Digitization services - 24/7 Customer provides content digitization services to help organizations from diverse industries such as publishing and universities address the challenges of archiving of historical documents and newspapers.* Application processing* Database reconciliation* Account verification, confirmation, opening* Mailer dispatch* Account opening & administration* Pre-screening / reviewing of applications* Writing and assembling of contracts* Document Issuance

• Administrative Services * Claims processing* Account administration* Settlement* Data processing/ validation* Dispute resolution* Correspondence management* Service changes* Documentation/records maintenance* Account amendments and audit checks* Correspondence/statement generation* Customer data management

• Finance & Accounting Services * Accounts reconciliation* Accounts payable* Bills reconciliation* Clearing and settlements* Liability processing* Processing of refunds* Adjustment and transfers